Tuesday, 19 August 2008

awk: working out thresholds

The following code was written to work out threshold breaches - the input is standard sar data.
The interesting part is the alert.awk script at the bottom.

The shell script wrapper defines the following variables that are passed to the awk code:

${i} - is the system name
amb - is the amber alert threshold value
count - is the amount of times this threshold occurs

count=`grep ${i} alert_cpu.conf|awk -F, '{ print $4 }'`

amb=`grep ${i} alert_cpu.conf|awk -F, '{ print $2 }'`

awk -v val=${amb} -v count=${count} -f alert.awk cpu2.dat >>detailed_alert_report_${DAY}.txt

alert.awk script:

$(NF)>val {c++; o=o $0 ORS; next}

c>count {printf "%s",o; C++}

{c=0; o=""}

END {if (c>count) {printf "%s",o; C++} print C+0}

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